beautifuliving is the first master-planned community where the latest innovations in genetics and community planning have been brought together to create a unique place where your dream of happiness™ will come true.

Become the person you want to be at beautifuliving.

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Our quest is to better the human condition through innovations in science and technology. Discoveries of our own in behavioral genetics allow modifications to the personality traits that hinder your and your family's achievement of happiness™.

Shyness to gregariousness, self-loathing to arrogance; assimilating new talents or diminishing undesirable traits. No problem is too large or too small.

With our recent breakthrough discovery of the genetic and neurological sources of the "7 Deadly Sins", we have unprecedented control over key obstacles to your personal happiness™.

Our research in nanotechnology has redefined the meaning of home and work, affording you greater amounts of leisure time.

Whether it's ensuring a smile on every face or in the upgraded molecular structure of your home, you'll find beautifuScience™ working endlessly for your happiness™.

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In every home, on every street, at every activity node, and on our championship golf course we share the same feelings; happiness™ and contentment.

At the Arts Center your once non-existent creativity flourishes. At a Main Street cafe you find yourself engaged in stimulating conversations you once did not have the aptitude for.

You are the person you always wanted to be; free from the genetic and psychological flaws of your past.

We call this feeling beautifuliving.

In 1989, the visionary futurist and philanthropist David Scott founded the private research group evolution is energy™ with one idea in mind; absolute dedication to the science of happiness™.

The result of this pioneering work is beautifuliving™.

Bringing together the worlds brightest minds in biotechnology, emotional intelligence, community planning and home design, we have created a master-planned community with no equal.

We are proud to call beautifuliving home and we know you will be, too.

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At beautifuliving we currently offer five stunning  home designs to accommodate your personal expression of home, from 1,340 to 3,024 sq. ft..

Every home features nanoservices (microscopic robots) that work untiring to keep your kitchen, bathrooms and interior surfaces sparkling clean and germ-free.

Change the color and texture of interior surfaces at the touch of a button. Our ‘self-healing homes’ will never show signs of worn or faded paint, never a cracked driveway and yards that will look pristine for generations to come.

A beautifuliving home delivers an incomparable, care-free, and patented lifestyle for all its residents.

You do the living, beautifulScience™ does the rest.

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In our parks you will be awe-inspired by the other-worldly flora and fauna created by beautifulScience™; trees that bloom year-round, fireflies that glow in 36 astounding colours, luminescent flowers that light your way home on evening walks and expansive fields of colour-magic grass.

You will also find volleyball and basketball courts, soccer fields, lighted tennis courts, bocce ball, virtual-reality leisure pods, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, 22 miles of interconnecting trails, bioMarkets™ for the latest in fruits & vegetables, and much more.

Discover an active lifestyle that is simply inviting.

Some of our inspiring innovations for the home include, interior flooring BioTiles™ that convert dirt and spills into energy. "HealthySleep Linens and Sleepware" transfer vital nutrients to your body as you sleep. And, beautifulDreamer™ pillows take you on marvelous adventures during your perfect nights sleep.

And best of all, a patented joy that grows from within and radiates outward; beautiful on the inside, beautiful on the outside.

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You dream of attaining true happiness™.

Unfortunately, the never-ending cycle of pursuing the possessions, relationships and career successes that hold the promise of happiness™ often leaves a trail of emotional pain, missed opportunities and disappointment.

What if the inner obstacles to your happiness™ could be won virtually overnight? What if you could change some bothersome aspect of your, or your spouses’, personality?

Welcome to beautifuliving™, the first master-planned community where the latest innovations in biotechnology, nano-sciences and community planning are brought together to create a unique place where your dream of happiness™ and contentment will come true.

Rather than simply offering traditional homes and a superficial sense of well-being, like other master-planned communities, beautifuliving delivers a truly unique and patented lifestyle. With the aid of science, we've redefined the smart-home, invigorated the meaning of community and, most remarkably, we grow our happiness from the inside-out: from within you.

Welcome to beautifuliving™.

beautifuliving™, the master-planned community where you do the living and beautifuScience™ does the rest.

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Our 22,000 sq. ft. Genetics Center is the hub of community life, supporting an extensive array of social, cultural and recreational activities.

Imagine: At the Arts Center your once non-existent creativity flourishes. At a Main Street cafe, you find yourself engaged in stimulating conversations you once did not have the aptitude for.

Imagine: Watching your children grow into the image of perfection and intelligence previously only dreamed of.

You'll find beautifulivingresidents gathering on front porches, park benches and recreational areas celebrating a place they call home.

There are over 100 exciting social clubs at beautifuliving and with all of your new-found leisure time you may want to start a club of your own!

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Ben and Julia (beautifuliving™ residents since 2002)

“She was so unpredictable. On one day she
would love it when I opened a door for her.
The next day, if I did it, she would fly into
some over-the-top, misplaced feminist rage,”
said Ben.

“I can’t believe the way I used to act. He
treated me so nice, but I just couldn’t deal
with it. Now, I love it when he treats me
like a lady!” Julia states.

Dr. Scanlon recalls, “Julia had a lot of confusion over gender roles, which resulted in undue anger toward Ben. We isolated and replaced the responsible genes which in turn balanced her brain chemistry.”

Bruce (beautifuliving resident since 2002)

“I used to always put other peoples’ needs
before my own. It took a long time before
realizing that I was being taken advantage
of so often. I just thought they liked me!”

“Now, it’s all about me. Yes!”

Dr. McMurphy adds, “Though he’s still
as high-spirited and generous as ever,
people need to earn his trust first. He’s
much more sensible now.”

Kit and Marco (beautifuliving residents since 2003)

“Sometimes, when he touched me,
it made me feel like I was trapped in
an elevator,” Kit recalls.

Marco adds,
“She started saying the meanest things.
I hoped it was just a phase. But, when
we moved to beautifuliving we learned
it was in her genes and they fixed it.”

“Today, she’s the gal I fell in love with. Again!”

Emma (beautifuliving resident since 2004)

“It’s an exciting new beginning for me.
It was my secret desire to have serious
thoughts and experience moments of
great melancholy.

Today, I write poetry and draw a lot.”

Lynn (beautifuliving resident since 2003)

“The Geneticists are so wonderful.
Now, I meet new people all the time.

And they really like me!”

Lynn adds, "I love the concrete trails
and the parks are such friendly places."

Mikali (beautifuliving resident since 2002)

"Since that the burden of being so
intelligent and vindictive has been lifted,
you can just call me 'Miss Happy-Go-Lucky'!

I’m taking a cooking class!”

Dr. Haas recalls, “Mikali had a very
high IQ and a great capacity for critical
thought. Unfortunately, she also had an
equal capacity for callousness. It was a lethal combination that had destroyed every good friendship in her life.”

Vicki and Izzy (beautifuliving residents since 2002)

“We chose the Zuma model because of
its spacious kitchen. It’s the main room for
us.” Izzy said, ”With the nook, great room
and space for my butcher block, it’s where
we spend all of our time.”

Vicki adds, “We met a lot of wonderful
people and new friends. We just attended
a get-together at a neighbors house with
about 50 people, and everyone is
extrememly nice and happy.”

The 2191 square foot Zuma is a three-bedroom, 3.5 bath model with a split two-car garage, great room and nook. An optional retreat in the master bedroom is also available.